Saturday, 11 January 2014

childhood reunion

Happy 21st my totally intimate and non-platonic girlfrienddddd from down under. Honestly I'm still in awe about how our friendship turned out :') Just wishing you a happy birthday 4 years ago became us being good friends once more after you have left for Melbourne. LDR works for us heehee much love for you 3765 miles away.

No matter how old you are...PUG PJS ARE ALWAYS CUTE.

Eggs benedict / red velvet waffles / eggplant fritters
seven spices chat tea latte / latte

Met up with another girlfriend of mine teehee
Gotta love having catchup sessions after so long because there is so much to be exited about sharing, especially with this gal! I love how our talks are so comfortable and it just flits from topic to topic so seamlessly. It's always awesome to hang out with someone who graduated from cooking school, because they tend to have interesting little tidbits to share about the food we're eating. But she totally killed the whole notion of red velvet for me so I didn't enjoy the red velvet waffles as much as I should have.
You can read her review of the cafe here:

I guess you can say my hobby is spending time with friends at interesting cafes. We don't even have to be talking. There is just something to be said about being in the presence of another and indulging in your own thoughts all whilst within arm's reach of a good and warm cup of chai latte. 


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Guess I can't take back what I said about red velvet now, can I?

    1. HAHAHA but it was sooooo good with the pistachio brittle! Hee :-)