Tuesday, 16 February 2016

rabu rabu

(cue smoke screens and dramatic instrumentals)

my drama production and Chinese new year celebrations are done and dusted - what's left is an enormous pile of work (as usual) but the overworked G and I decided to take a tiny break and go out for some good eatz

excuse me while I just take a quick nap on your chair

We went to PS Cafe at Martin Road because we chanced upon it and I thought, "Well, here's a pretty looking place." G looks like a casual debonair with his H&M x Beckham printed shirt while I was wearing a random top I bought from Thailand. We happened to get our grubby hands on some fortune cookies:

Hope it's not referring to the amount of work I have

Perhaps the fortune cookie prefigured the fact that I didn't get as much good eatz as I thought I would. G being G ordered some Chinese noodles in a Western cafe and I ordered myself a cuppa flat white and a smoked salmon croque monsieur. Unfortunately, the flat white tasted so acidic and it made me very upset. What's worse was that the smoked salmon croque monsieur was very misleading. It turns out that they dumped the smoked salmon inside the warm toasty bread and it became cooked salmon. I tried arguing this with an angmoh waiter but he failed to see my point and proceeded to explain to me the technicalities of what a croque monsieur was. Why would anyone try to half-cook a smoked salmon??? Can someone please explain this to me. G helped eat and drink my coffee and food because he is a dustbin. 

Okay, but P.S. Cafe has its redeeming factor of its truffle fries. Jewel claims that the serving size shrinks as the years go by and proceeded to show me visual documentation as proof. She must be a P.S. Cafe truffle fries connoisseur. 

G and I didn't exactly have a relaxing afternoon though; we spent it debating about philosophical stuff like existence and stuff like that (i.e. When we are seeking the essence of ‘tree’, we have become aware that, that which pervades each tree, as tree, is not itself a tree that can be encountered all the other trees) We were quite loud and we just ended up agreeing to disagree. I still can't believe he called me an absolutist???

after that, I went to WorldMUN training (hah)
after that, I went to Quintessence's house for a T1 reunion dinner where we were screaming wildly over the steamboat and playing guitar hero (the songs are all more than 10 years old wow) and I finally learnt how to play mahjong.
I now believe in beginner's luck because I won $8 from 10cents/20cents and I won all the three rounds which I played. My friends were in disbelief. I think it really helped that I have Birdy was beside me to guide me but he claimed it was divine intervention. 

spent Valentine's day having Italian with Ruth at PastaAmore - I am so lucky to have reconnected with this girl after 2-3 years of estrangement. We were just musing about how we are so different people but can still be so close and confide in each other. I think it's because as Psychology students, we both understand ~unconditional regard~ 
I would post photos of our food but they do not look appetizing enough. 

after that I met up with mainey tay and I was so pleased with myself because I got her a bouquet of flowers. I did so because she always brings up the past about how I would never give anyone flowers, or if I did, it would be flowers I drew because I deemed them more "practical". Well, I thought she would be surprised by this turn of events where I actually get her real flowers. But she said, "you already got me real flowers last year" Oh, well, that is awkward. I knew I should have gotten that fake rose instead. 

We watched Deadpool and he is now my favorite Superhero(?) of all time. I laughed so much but it hurts when I laugh cause my entire body is aching from a combination of Thursday's gym session and Friday's Krav Maga lesson.

also, I sent Amanda See off to Geneva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shucks, it feels weird that Amanda went on exchange cause she is my spirit animal and I love her very much and we always do so much things together. I was actually gonna be sad that she was leaving until I realised that we will be meeting up in Rome 3 weeks later for WorldMUN. 

Guess that was as exciting as my weekend could possibly get, so now it's back to the grind:

Someone please pass me a drink

things I need to do:
  • finish my theatre thesis on archiving
  • work on my honours thesis
  • finish my exercise journal on emotions
  • complete my emotions and psychopathology essay
  • Watch all the webcasts for the lectures I have missed
  • Study for my midterms
things I did:
  •  Watched 2 episodes of Scorpion
  • Drank earl grey milk tea with herbal jelly at 30% sugar 
  • Moped over how I am missing a lot of theatre shows I desperately want to watch but can't cause I'm in Rome
  • Discussed with dict over the hilarity of NBA mascots (i.e. Pierre the Pelican)
  • Deciding if I want to go for Pole tricks class with dict tomorrow or something else instead

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