Sunday, 19 June 2016

beasts and feasts

Glad to have some chill downtime amidst the insanity of post-production blues and the ever overwhelming amount of thesis work to do. 

Met up with dict and lina today (side note: we don't really have a group name; I mean our whatsapp group title is called "Brunch with Shannen" but I usually affectionately refer to them as the Weirdos) racxiu wasn't around but we suspect she has whisked herself off to Bintan. Nevertheless, we met up for some healthy brunch at Rollie Ollie's but negated all that healthiness by binging on chocolate matcha cake and blueberry cheesecake from Cedele's. We were up to no-good silliness as usual because we went a bit bonkers thanks to Urban Dictionary:

For instance, it defined Benita (dict) as:
"a small hyperactive indian child who moves her hands a lot when she speaks. She has a passion for Edward Scissorhands and enjoys the Sims. She can talk to birds and speaks very, very fast. People enjoy Benita because she is Indian"
I.e. "Oh my she's acting like a Benita today", "Oh golly she's doing a Benita"

Who on earth comes up with this kind of stuff??? It is rather detailed. But we must admit that there is some truth to that statement cause our Benita does move her hands a lot and she does enjoy the Sims. I reckon the author of this Urbandict post have great talents in naming people - just like how your parents used to find wizened old Chinese (wo)men to calculate your Ba-Zis to determine a suitable name, the modern millennial can now turn to Urbandict. 

While we were at Cedele, this young girl was making strange screeching noises which sounded like "Nyet! Nyet!" and I may or may not have loudly exclaimed that she was making Russian noises to the weird stares of her parents but I mean that in the best way possible. At least she was exercising her right to say no. 

We decided that we were having too much fun so we decided to convene again at night. But first, I had to head off for an audition in Geylang. It was at some dubious looking factory building and I was apprehensive. G says I'm being unfair because if this was a abandoned factory building in Tiong Bahru I would have thought it cool and hipster. 

After that I excitedly went over to dict's place to meet Doodle. He is a Corgi who sprinkles fur wherever he goes and enjoys biting people's toes and feet when you are a guest of the house. dict and I decided to be productive with our time and exercise. I suggested some activities but she insisted I do the following workout:

Dict and I were completely wiped from doing two of her abs workout. It was pretty intense because we just did abs exercises for about 20mins straight. One of the exercises is called "Earthquake" and it's literally meant for your abs to tremble and shake from the agony. Dict says I must challenge myself to do the ABOMINABLE ADOMINALS exercises in the future. I don't know if I want to because Cassey just can't stop talking about inane stuff whilst doing the exercises. Then again, I can't hear her through the pain. Though I must admit that I much prefer those kind where they yell motivational phrases at you angrily, with people in the background struggling in the same exercises they are purporting. 

Lina was taking ages to come so dict and I ordered in some cheap and really tasty pasta (yay deliveroo!) and played neopets to while away the time. We actually planned to paint each other but we were caught up with eating Blackball and watching Youtube videos. By the time we wanted to start, it was already 10pm!!! So we were deciding if we should Beast instead.

I don't really know how to explain what Beast-ing is. Incidentally, we were watching a cartoon episode of Madeline that offered an approximately 22min long explanation of what Beasting is.  

The short explanation is that we draw something and turn it into the most ugliest, unrecognizable form ever. We decided to stick to the prompt of drawing ourselves. We only had 10 mins before we had to go so here's all we did:

the original

Lina's Beast: Portraiture of 3 friends & a self-portrait

my re-imagination of us as fruits

Dict's beast was irrelevant to our prompt so it has been disqualified from my post. Interestingly, lina loved my beast and insisted that I make a career as a "talented fruit artist" - I'm not sure what that entails. 

Anyway, it was a really fun day and it was so enjoyable meeting so spontaneously! It has been really hard meeting up because of our conflicting schedules and I haven't had the chance to catch up with them when they came to watch Long Weekend too. I'm leaving for Europe soon so hopefully when I'm back, and when racxiu magically appears from wherever she is, we'll be able to pole dance/cosmic bowl/picnic at bot gards/go fishing/other weird stuff!!!

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