Tuesday, 17 December 2013

24h social experiment

instagram diary

An entire day spent with Yu Jin and Chun Hou was a day well-spent :-)

What was supposed to be a DP rehearsal turned out to be 24 hours spent with Australia's very own crazy girl and a guest appearance by the world's no.1 kokster.

We went to Esette at Duxton because D.O.C ran out of the good stuff and Group Therapy was closed but it turned out to be a little gem. It has superb service - the kind that makes you smile and remember them; they looked so happy to let us change tables 3 times, refill our glasses a gazillion times and tolerate our incessant noise. Plus, it wasn't too pricey!
Kokkie and I also brought YJ to Mustafa because it's the best thing since sliced bread and she went all ape-shit on Swee Choon and drank grass jelly for the first time.
We also watched (500) Days of Summer by propping the laptop on top of Torts/Criminal Law/Contract because obviously that's what academic textbooks are for. As the movie ended, we're just lying there talking about everything and nothing at all. There were moments of deep & meaningfuls and moments of complete yet comfortable silence. I closed my eyes and thought about how some infinities were bigger than others and the night passed us by.

It is possible to create an eternal moment within a limited life.

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