Monday, 30 December 2013

last weekend 2013

Saturday night spent with Arts Camp/O Week House i/cs & 1 O-commer at Thomson Supper. They are, without a doubt, the best part of the House i/c experience.No one ever knows how much shit a House i/c has to go through and still remain fresh and enthusiastic for their own House. We've seen a lot of tears, brutal fights, extreme rivalry - Camp certainly brings the best and worst out of people. But this group managed to survive through one of the most turbulent camps in history and we are well rewarded with having met each other. They are the most down-to-earth, loyal, and genuine hearts I have ever seen.

Gift exchange day with Jorji, JW and Wengz after an entire month of not seeing each other. We watched 47 Ronin, sung K and chilled out at a burger joint/bar in Katong. 

It was really nerve-wrecking (in a good way) when you watched someone open your gift that you spent a lot of time deliberating over. I got Jorji a Monocle Guide to Better Living, Jin a Sacoor Brothers silk tie and Wengz a glided leaf candle.
I had really thoughtful gifts! One reed diffuser set from Wengz for my insomnia; one portable mug press with a double-walled mug from Jin for drinking tea in hall and one luxe Rose and Germanium body essence from Jorji because he remembered how I tried to import nearly a hundred dollars worth of soap from America once.

I never knew how much joy one could get from both giving and receiving. It's such an amazing experience! I was so touched that I wanted to hug them but I didn't because they're really awkward people but it's okay I love them anyway. 

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