Wednesday, 4 December 2013



Never seen without a textbook
Felt like I had to say it 3 times, because it certainly isn't kicking in.
After a gazillion weeks of intense mugging sessions from 9am-11pm at Starbucks/NLB, I got so used to such a mundane routine that I headed straight back to Utown after my last exam and proceeded to start on my non-school related work. Jorji threatened to send me home.

Ugh how on earth did I manage to get through Year 2 Sem 1? I had 6 term papers, 3 projects and 4 final exams. Ew grossssss. Ain't nobody interested in the mug life. The thing is, we're not even half-way through our course and there's still graduate's a bit hard to digest and slightly frightening. I think I just need some time-off and do nothing. I simply revel in it. I remembered during our Bali trip in May, Jorji and I were so contented lying on the deck chairs while the rest of them burned their asses off in the sun. We're going to have to remember this exact moment when school starts again, he said. Yes, I replied, most definitely because doing nothing is a privilege we cannot afford.

Throwback Tuesday
Totes looking forward to spending some quality time with my gal pals, because I saw Jorji and Jw every single day for the past month or so. If I spend any more time with boys only, I fear my boobs will concave and I'll grow a dick so yeah.

Anyway mucho things to do - move out of hall, christmas shopping, casting callbacks, trim hair, stuff, etc.
Going to sleep tonight smiling at the thought of holidays.
Goodnight, xx

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