Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Chinese New Year can be really fun especially when you get to house hop, visit friends and spend time with loved ones. Not forgetting all that fooooood. Nom! Vanessa and I got to catch up while we were waiting in the temples eating our $1.50 Raspberry Ripple and it's something I've come to appreciate because I'm always not at home and she's out at work or overseas. Turns out that we actually have the same smile! I also made a new friend on 初二 and Milkshake is such a cutie as a duck. Hope I get to visit him again soon. 

Just came back from the airport sending Char off to NYC! I'm going to miss her so much while she's working at Madison Park. She has been my rock and has been the kindest senior to me since primary school. Only she would make Carol Ann Duffy jokes and give me onions on Valentine's Day. Miss her already :'( waiiiiiiii come back!!!

Okay I'm quite exhausted because I was also there to pick up my parents but they texted me while I was waiting that the information was wrong and they were only coming back tomorrow and not today so here I am still awake and slightly delirious at 3:43 am mmmmm catch some ZZZs

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