Sunday, 26 January 2014


For Esquire x Heineken for Kevin Seah's Ministry of Mavens

Chunky Monkey!

Chai latte, forever & always

My friends think I forget that I'm human. But that's not true, I'm perfectly well-aware of my fragile self. I just have a tendency towards chasing experiences and making the most out of the time I have in my short and limited life. 6 modules, Drama Director, NUS Arts Festival actress, work at Strangers' Reunion, writer for Wallflowers, 2B licence, and R&R meetings - prima facie, it's a schedule that scares people. Then again, I live my life in future tense. Not simply I do, but I will, I will be doing, I will have done
Through everything, I seek in naive hope that I complete those moments that I have yet to live.
Am I really the only one who feels that way?

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