Wednesday, 26 February 2014

jorji | 23

Happy 23rd Jorji x

The story behind how we met has become quite a spectacle. We met in Arts Camp as SPs...which is quite ridiculous but somehow when you put two awkward weirdos together it goes insanely well I would say. His friendship is one of the best things I've took away from Arts Camp. He believes in me more than I ever could and it's heartwarming to know that I can talk to him about anything - theatre or alpacas or the different types of shoe polish.

SO HAPPY Gosh I'd thought I wouldn't be able to pull this surprise picnic off, especially since I'm on an extended MC (18 days!!!) but I spent 3 days carefully planning the menu and with the help of Jin Wen, we did it!!! We had aglio olio, homemade italian meatballs, grilled chicken wraps, potato salad, chocolate-covered strawberries, (store-bought) tiramisu cake and wine. Thank you Char Tay for giving me really helpful advice for cooking! We invited some of his closest friends at Botanic Gardens and I prayed really hard for good weather. It was such a relief that the weather was just perfect for an evening picnic! I'm extremely tired - it's hard being 贤妻良母 but it was worth it seeing him enjoy himself. 

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