Sunday, 30 March 2014


The Arts House turns 10!
So Nat & I had to go down to check out the BooksActually popup store because both of us are insanely in love with the written word. It wasn't as big as we thought it would be but it was fun just browsing through the local literature. We ended up searching for poems scattered all over the building and accidentally walked in on a highly awkward speed dating dinner. I also picked up a pair of gorgeous frost/mint crystal drop earrings and Nat got herself a lovely double swallow necklace at the flea downstairs. The atmosphere was really lively and there was a collective gasp when all the lights went out. Turns out there was a media installation/performance by Cake Theatricals (score!!! free performance by natalie hennedige) and immediately the entire building was enveloped with projections of the cosmos to botanical flowers etc. It was so beautiful and entrancing and absolutely brilliant.

Technically I was supposed to study today since I took a night off yesterday but heck, I absolutely adore Public Garden! There were vendors selling beautiful tableware to vintage pieces sourced from France to handmade jewellery to pop-up bakeries so we literally stopped by every stall. I went with Amanda "I am not nice" See so our conversations were generally like this:

a & me: omg these are so beautiful, where did you get them did you make them yourself etc.
vendor: yes
me: omg amanda look at this you have to get this can you please buy this what is this omg this is insane
a: omg can you stop embarrassing me!!!!!!!!!!!! (to the vendor) I'm so sorry.

But you don't understand, their wares are simply amazing - they are mostly handmade or made in Singapore which is fantastic!!! I'm a big fan of stuff originating from Singapore because its a love-child of many global inspirations and are rather unique. Amanda and I didn't buy anything though because we are #brokeunistudents (we just took a lot of namecards just in case) but we made an exception for food and gorged ourselves with soft and creamy passionfruit meringue and cherry almond tart. I would have taken photos but we were really hungry.

It was fun taking some time off and making plans for the summer. Even though I'm still in the midst of hell semester (dis sux) but it's fun to be looking forward towards some exciting projects coming ahead! :-)

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  1. HAHAHA I LAUGHED AT YOUR DESCRIPTION OF ME it's p accurate (but you know I love you)