Saturday, 5 April 2014

dance uncensored

Dance Uncensored 2014
Hopeless Romance

It's been 2 days but I'm still on the post-DU high.
I haven't had this feeling after performance in a long, long while and it reminded me why stage will always be my second home. It's euphoric, redeeming and breathtaking all in one. Knowing that something was created out of nothing is brilliant. And doing this in just 1.5 months? That's pure magic.

I was really caught by surprise when we were celebrating CNY at Jun An's house and Yongxin turns to me and asked me to be part of her dance. I think I might have screamed. For two years, I was never given a contemp dance because I "made contemp look like hiphop" but the Dance Head was willing to give me a chance. A lot of people didn't understand why I agreed to do Dance Uncensored since I already had two big productions to do and it's an insane sprint of pracs and clean-ups in 6 weeks admist tight assignment deadlines. And yet it seemed very clear to me that I had to take it up.

Yeah it was tiring and whatever but I had the craziest bunch of dancers to be with. I'm pretty sure my core strengthening came from laughing so hard during the pracs. At first I was super freaked wondering who was going to be my partner because I hear horror stories about dance partners who don't get along and it makes couple work a-w-k-w-a-r-d. It turned out not to be a concern at all since I got Taoyee!!!!!! He's like this big sturdy Eucalyptus tree that's very safe to climb on. He always scolds me for not letting go but its really fun to be a Koala bear. I've always had a habit of climbing things heeheehee. I'm also very appreciative of the fact that he doesn't throw me down to the floor like a roti prata. Seraph was my other partner who's freakishly flexible and she sucks because she always laughs at me during the back/flexi exercises. But I'm really thankful for her because I have zero conception about extensions and lines but she's always patient and guiding me with my own choreo.

My own choreographers are an entertainment show by themselves. They're each so different (esp. Casey who's on a different planet) but they dance so beautifully as a trio and are gorgeous to watch. I never knew how insanely talented they are because they're quite the joke on an everyday basis. I'm grateful for all the times they gave me personal attention - I've learnt so much! Especially from Yongxin and Carissa who were incredibly nurturing and teaching me the best way they know how. Casey told me he was very worried because he had no idea who I was except the fact that I definitely couldn't dance contemp (hahaha OUCH) but me (and the rest) somehow improved exponentially in the last few weeks and we gave a spectacular show. It's not perfect or anything but we broke new ground as a hall dance group and we did it.
This is 1.5 months of effort from all of us.

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