Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Today at 6pm, I've debuted original works on an up and coming online art journal, Wallflowers. No shit, it's been a while since I've written. The first time I wrote poetry, I was lucky enough to be published in a book but that was also the last time I wrote. It's different this time because people I know actually read it. I'm awkward and embarrassed but undoubtedly grateful for the lovely support. I sent it in in lieu of Valentine's Day but I guess there was a long queue of articles to be posted. Here's one of the trio:

Miles Away

My body remembers you as you were.
The tickling warmth of your breath
dancing over valleys of collarbones. 
Rough hands pursue endlessly
losing their way over and over again 
Left to right, up and down, sea from sky

But when I opened my eyes, we is just I and me alone
and you, long ago, disappeared amidst careless sheets
smoke from a flickering candle. 
I watched the flame die out. I'm exhausted too.

After all the longest distance is when
I stand in front of you and you don’t see me. 

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