Monday, 7 April 2014


I SLEPT FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT - seriously, all I did was wake up to eat and just slumber the rest of the day away. Apparently, my fellow dancers fell into this same eternal sleep as I did.
The last thing we did was go out for our long awaited A3 girls Friday Night Out and we checked out Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) which is held only once a month. I was pretty sleepy but heck, I've always wanted to go but I never actually went until now.

I met Epigram Books and they just launched their new book, A Certain Exposure - which has officially landed itself on my to-read list over the summer. Also met Quanda Ong, who's the founder of Gnome & Bow. Okay, so I have this thing for menswear/mens fashion which some may find weird but Quanda was really friendly and cool about it. We were just talking and discussing about design philosophies and he gave me a detailed look into his products. It's pretty sick how he incorporates a storyline to his design concepts that gives it this quirky edge; totes amazing that he sees his vision from start to end. The first collection is based on the Hare and Tortoise fable but with a slight twist. You have to go check the bag to find out what I'm talking about. Definitely going to see him and Gnome & Bow around.

I also found my beloved Bear the Pug!!! Bear the Pug Balloon recently farted it's helium life away so I have comforted myself with a Bear the Pug wooden brooch which I carry with me on my tote bag. So qt!

We went to Swee Choon and I am in love with their new Egg White w Banana and Red Bean. It's this explosion of textures and tastes that's strangely complementary. Also, made the obligatory trip to Mustafa. The A3 girls were like naaaaah we're not going to buy anything, we'll just follow you and it ended up with us spending 3 hours and packing an entire trolley full of groceries/bath products/etc. Mustafa, you are dope. 

I finally went home after 3 months and I got restless pretty quick so I went out and finally got my hair cut. I had to grow it long for my two performances and I got tired of looking like an upside-down mop so I went to get a lob (long bob) instead. I wanted to look badass as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction but...somehow I look more primary school kid than 1994 American Queen of Badassery. 

Bought TWG macarons, brewed Bain de Rose tea, played some Fran├žoise Hardy and threw a petit French tea party in lieu of JW's birthday next week. Enjoying some quiet time before the hectic weeks ahead.

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