Friday, 30 May 2014


Turning 21
Traditionally I would go out for tea on my birthday but I decided do throw a party this year instead! I thought it would be a nice change to have a big garden party themed bash...until I was sitting down on the floor making paper flowers for the party the same day I came back from Nepal. Thank goodness for Amanda, Jorji and JW who responded to my emergency SOS call and saved me from drowning in the entire stack of paper flowers.

Mucho gracias to Gracia & Xiang Liang for offering to do the catering for my party. I am proud and glad to be your first client!!! They were very sensitive to my wants and customized the sweets and savouries just the way I like it. As per tradition, they baked me an Earl Grey Tea cake alongside goodies such as pavlova, pulled pork burgers, devilled eggs, tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole. I've had tons of compliments about the food and the decor from the guests so if anyone is interested in hiring them, I'm more than happy to share the contact! 

Here's us behind the scenes! Seriously so thankful for these two because I was being all frazzled but they just calmly took control of the party and always made sure that I (and my crazy hair) was okay. All photo credits go to them too!

Thank you to my family and friends who took time off and even rushed down from work to come to my 21st! You know who you are! 

I actually learnt that I don't really like throwing big parties HAHA. As much as I am ecstatic to see people I love all gather in one place I guess I really enjoy the intimacy of small groups a lot more because I get to properly listen and talk to them. I surprise myself sometimes. Even at 21, there's always more things to discover about yourself. 

Just sent my films for developing! So excite!!! Can't wait to blog about my life-changing trip to Nepal. It was beyong W-O-W and I want to share my experience to all those who are willing to hear it. 
More exciting things are happening (as some of you have already heard) but first off, I'm going for a staycation at Bay Hotel tomorrow ;) xx 

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