Wednesday, 4 June 2014

strike a pose

Sooooooo the big news is that I'm a finalist of Miss Singapore International 2014.
OK, I have braced myself with a barrage of laughter because yeah, this isn't something that I would choose to do. Technically I didn't audition, and the organizers were "ok we want you to join and we can make an exception for you if you do it" and I was "heck, why not". One reason that motivated me to join is because a bevy of past MSI contestants that I know have such genuine hearts and I believe them when they say that it would be a good experience. I've just ended a 3D2N orientation staycation at Bay Hotel a couple of days back. It was pretty fun but now's the hard part with all the training and coaching! 

I've also received a flurry of anon questions in my formspring inbox:

Would you rather be 3 feet taller or 3 feet shorter?
3 feet taller because I've always wanted to grow some more!

Do you like getting your foot tickled?
NO >:(

What is your mission?
Nothing specific - just wanna be happy and make the people around me happy

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Come out of my mother's womb

Don't you think that everything is changing too fast?
Yeah, it certainly feels that way because sometimes we don't have the luxury to just slow down. That's why we've got to be in the present and enjoy every moment before it passes us by.

I AM ALSO SADLY UNEMPLOYED. Actually, I'm doing an internship but it honestly doesn't take much of my time and I need to find some form of vacation income. Cause ain't nobody got time to be broke. 
Email me at if you have jobs for me!!!!!!!! 
Or ask me questions or whatever. 

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