Monday, 9 June 2014

into the wild

I love how I have a group that enjoys being crazy and taking photos with me. What started out as Chang and I travelling in Switzerland last summer became meeting up and introducing Gracia over at Geneva which then became a travelling trio trying to take "forlon traveller" shots. We kept that bond when we were back in Singapore and we starting taking photographs at supermarkets and grass fields. Our group is ever expanding and now we have Xiang Liang with us heehee welcome babe!!! :-*

We've only done a few photoshoots but I can definitely say for sure that we've already made progress and improvement! Obviously we're still amateur (as you can tell from our lack of a solid artistic direction right now) but the thing about creative work is that you have to keep at it by exploring and experimenting different options. There is no yardstick to determine what is "good" or "bad" per say and you only know by always trying. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the creative industry demands results on the first try. Just forget that! Focusing on progress is what's important. At least in my personal opinion. 

I've learnt a lot about photography from (Goodness) Gracia so thank you for giving me a chance to take your photo and letting me be your model! 

Okay back to trying not to overkill myself in the holidays zzz

P.S. This post goes out to my red floppy hat because it's lovely and I just got it in the mail but I lost it already :-( 

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