Saturday, 30 August 2014


Finally reunited with the Vainpots bunch from Nepal!
Okay technically I've been around Novell and Kim because of MSI but this was our first day out together in Singapore that wasn't pageant-related! The last time we hung out like this was back in Nepal, trying to take #SGxNepal photoshoots. 

The three of us headed to Chye Seng Huat Hardware - \presumable one of the first few cafes involved in the cafe-hopping scene. Ordered us a Huat! Breakfast, an Italian breakfast and truffle popcorn to share. The truffle popcorn is a cute eat; it's a pretty novel idea, and a fun snack that I can't stop stuffing into my mouth. I tried out their Cold Brew which had a strong acidic bite to it. It tasted better once it was diluted but it made me miss the cold brew at Brew & Bake. It was flavourful and gave me this quick buzz. The best part? It was located right behind Eusoff! Yes, I'm an addict needing a quick fix. 

Headed to Kam Leng Hotel to model for Novell's fashion photography assignment! The hotel management really were kind to let us shoot at this 87-year old building!  I love watching Kim ( at work because she's just in her natural habitat and it's so comfortable posing in front of Novell. I was trying to channel my inner Maggie Cheung from In The Mood for Love with her focused intensity but I may have came across as a constipated hamster instead. Still awaiting for Novell's edits because I am definitely not a techie. 

A sneaky behind-the-scenes shot by Kim:

The next day I had yet another full-day assignment with Laselle. This time round I would be acting for the Puttnam School of Film. Seriously, at this rate, Laselle should just rope me in as part of their student body.

The first half of the day was outdoor shooting, which was pretty alright, considering I've done this before. But the second half of the day was spent in the studio which was just mind-blowing. The set is completely built from the ground up. I never knew how much innovation went into sets. For example, the bed is actually a mattress on a table covered in sheets. The head board was some random crap they found but painted it brown to make it look like wood. When they were busy adjusting the lighting and stuff, I was at the Video Kampong a.k.a the screen monitor, and W-O-W, it looks amazing. The set looks so real and the cinematography is very well done. 

The thing about filming in studio is that you can literally see everyone just staring at you in such close proximity. It can be quite nerve-wrecking, to be honest. You can see their scrutiny up-close, unlike on stage, where the lights are so blinding you can't really see the audience anyway. 

Funny thing that happened on set was that they DID NOT TELL ME that I was involved in a make-out scene which they kinda just sprung on me. I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat why does this always happen to me. I would try to avoid it as much as possible but in the spirit of professionalism I just did it and got it over in one take, shook the guy's hand and went off.
I guess in a way I didn't want to let the director down. Apparently, I was the third person to audition and Jasmine loved me so much, she cancelled all the pending auditions after me. I would totally love to work with her again (without any more surprises).
I got asked to act for some of their future projects but I'll be away in Shanghai :-( 

Four more days to Shanghai! Haven't packed and don't know what to expect! Fingers crossed. 

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