Friday, 3 October 2014

lost in translation

There are days where Shanghai makes me feel like a complete retard.

For example, last week I was under the false impression that I had an afternoon class which turned out to be 6pm-8.20pm instead. Which also meant that I had to stumble my way through the darkness to get to the main gate because SJTU does not believe in investing in lamp posts. I couldn't find the bus that directly goes to the train station so I boarded a public bus which ended up NOT taking me to the train station even though the bus driver said otherwise. At this point of time, I was starving from the lack of dinner, tired from the back-to-back classes, and completely lost in the unlit streets of Shanghai. I would also like to add that my SIM card was completely drained of money (it keeps doing that, still figuring out why) and my phone couldn't connect to the SJTU wifi the entire evening. Thankfully, some survival instincts kicked in and I managed to find myself back home after a couple of hours. When I finally got home, Jorji went ballistic and demanded where I had been. Apparently, Jorji and JW had been trying to contact me since 12pm and was minutes away from calling the police and my family. 

Two days later, I lost my wallet. I almost lost my mind because it has a lot of very important cards inside. Luckily, I did get a call from the bus interchange and they notified me that they had it. After I collected it, the supervisor strongly hinted that I should make them a commendation banner. I don't like owing people debts or favours so I had it made. They were very appalled when I asked if they could just do it themselves if I handed them the money. It ended up wasting my time and 30SGD. I have officially left my legacy on a wall at the Dongchuan Bus Terminal. 

Recently, I caught an eye infection in my left eye and it was so terrible. After a few days of this ordeal, it got better but I ended up having really bad nausea. I had to skip school to go for treatment at a Chinese medical facility but it got worse instead. I spent the entire evening willing myself not to throw up because I promised Jorji to deliver his suit to him. I swear I had taken so much medication at this point because I simply just wanted it to stop. For some strange reason, when we went to IKEA, my stomach got a lot better after eating my steak. I guess my stomach is a true blue Westerner. 

This is probably the reason why my friends have running bets about when I would just come home. But no!!! I must prove them wrong. I mean not everything was bad the past month thus far. 

i. 蔡国强:九级浪
This was the exhibition that I wanted to see since I was in Singapore and by luck, I chanced upon a random Instagram and found out that it was currently showing at Power Station of Art in Shanghai!
It's pretty sick, Cai Guo Qiang certainly has the gift of creating spectacle via art installations. At the risk of sounding like a complete art aficionado (read: geek), I fell in love with Head On, which had 99 wolves hurling themselves at a glass wall and trying again. Apparently, it was both inspired by the city's turbulent history as well as the Berlin Wall; it hints at the consequences of misdirected collective energy. I thought it was strange that there were 99 wolves until I found one lone wolf positioned away from the pack and facing towards the exit. I may also be biased for this exhibition because I love wolves. 

ii. Singapore Fiesta

Okay, so I've only been away from Singapore for about a month but I miss eating Singaporean food. Jorji, Jw and I decided to spend our Saturday at Singapore Fiesta and for that one day, it felt like we were back home. There were so many Singaporeans attending the event and I bumped into many of my Singaporean friends. For example, I finally caught up with Eva Cheung!!!!!! This is my childhood friend whom I have not seen in YEARS. To think that we managed to meet up in Shanghai have been such a blessing. She's still politically correct as ever but I still love her anyway.
We look slightly dishevelled because Singapore Fiesta also meant Singapore weather and it was insanely hot and humid oddly enough,

It's currently Golden Week in China!!! Which means a week-long holiday! Gosh, I love being a tourist; exploring places and discovering new things is a lot more fun than being stuck in a classroom bored out of my mind. Definitely looking forward to more fun and happening places and events to go to! Ta-ta, for now!

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