Tuesday, 4 November 2014

knee socks

It's been a while since I've updated so here are some quick snippets from the past few weeks:

Happy 2nd monthsary in Shanghai!!!

Celebrated the mid-exchange mark with a huge cake last night; it even had candles and the works. Although I'm pretty sure we just wanted a reason to eat cake, the past month has truly been quite eventful.

Unexpectedly got whisked away to STORM Music Festival and managed to catch Ke$ha, Afrojack, etc. from the VIP area with free flow Budweiser. Who can deny the pleasures of good company, good music and good drinks? 

I was lucky to have been able to attend the Shanghai Rolex Masters ATP1000 and watched Djoko, Simon, Federer up close in the Skybox. To think that I started tennis as a lowly tennis manager for both hall and faculty games, and have become quite the fan of the sport. It has its elegance and points of brilliance that I have missed sorely. 

Other than that, I have been actively wandering about town discovering little hidden gems tucked away in corners of the streets. On lazy days, I stay in and watch movies or play Skyrim. It's a nice, lazy comfortable routine and I like this change of pace. It's a breather compared to the insane lifestyle back home. Now that we've reached the mid-way mark, going back to Singapore seems so fast. 

The only bane I have towards Shanghai is the weather - it's so fickle! It gets extremely cold to really crusty warm just like that. Winter is coming, I swear I can feel the cold in my bones. Days have been getting real cold and absolutely the perfect time to realise that our heater is not working. It kind of reminded me of the time when I visited Xue in the Melbourne winter and all I brought was summer clothes. All I want to do is to be swaddled in my swath of blankets, a hot cup of tea and a stack of movies to watch. 


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