Friday, 28 November 2014


"Walls surface unexpectedly, beyond the grasp of control and perfection. Wait for them, or search them out - that is the practice. Go hit a wall. Keep hitting, keep dealing, keep crying, keep it real. Live life, live your moments, don’t run away. Pain is our spiritual teacher - from it, through it, we unleash ourselves free."

What do you know about skeletons in the closet?
You try to organize them into neat piles because you just want to do something - anything - about it. There's this sickening guilt that comes with holding the key to this closet, and it eats you up like a slow rot inside your gut. In front of anybody else, you smile and pretend that it doesn't exist, that you are running out of space in your tiny little closet and you even forgot which skeleton came first and which came last. The thing is, there's nothing else you can do, you see, so you continue to do what you do best. Smile and pretend - nobody can know. But of course, the one tiny detail we always overlook about skeletons in the closet is that they come out anyway.
And when it does,
all you can do is sit there, raw and hurt and vulnerable, and bare your bones to everyone else. 

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