Sunday, 21 December 2014

three weeks

Photography | yexi  Crew | wex & ben 

Just some #throwback session to when Yexi and I decided to mess around with his new photography equipment he just acquired. It will be a great souvenir to remind me of my Shanghai adventures. I really love this shot. You know how every big city has its own way of making you fall in love with it? I think the Bund at night is it for me. It's a strange sort of feeling when you're surrounded by neoclassical and renaissance architecture looking towards the towering skyscrapers on the other side of the Bund. Nostalgia, perhaps. Regardless, I'll miss my casual strolls near the Bund during chilly nights.  

I've only 3 weeks left before I'm duty-bound to return back to Singapore and start yet another semester in NUS. Unfortunately, I've been sick for about a week now. I've had a really bad cold which somehow progressed into a bout of stomach flu. So I've just parked my sick ass in bed to catch up on my movies. In the past few days I have watched an eclectic mix of movies including Maps To the Stars, The Princess Bride, Star Wars 1, 2, 3, and Breaking Dawn. I love being lost in another realm, a world where it has been carefully constructed for an alternate reality where truth is no longer stranger than fiction but that of the imagination.  (also, Robert Pattinson never fails to make me feel better)

I also am very much in love being in the process of creating movie magic on screen. The camera is a voyeur that captures even the slightest nuances and subtleties.  Even though I have more experience as a stage actress, acting on film thrills me in a completely different sort of way.

Here are some stills of the short film I did before I came to Shanghai:

Yeah, my character is completely thrashed so she looks like crap. I think I tend to get a lot of strange roles but you know a job's a job.

Back to my movie watching, Star Wars 4,5,6 is waiting for me! x

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