Sunday, 19 April 2015

farewell, heloise

here is a poem I wrote based on letter VI from abelard to heloise:
Farewell, Heloise, this is the last advice of your dear Abelard; for the last time let me persuade you to follow the rules of the Gospel. Heaven grant that your heart, once so sensible of my love, may now yield to be directed by my zeal. May the idea of your loving Abelard, always present to your mind, be now changed into the image of Abelard truly penitent; and may you shed as many tears for your salvation as you have done for our misfortunes.

[1] "blessedness" alludes to dante's  la vita nuova Apparuit iam beatitudo vestra: Now your blessedness appears.
[2] "sensible of my own distress" alludes to hamlet's Act 4 Scene 7 where gertrude comments on ophelia as "one incapable of her own distress"
[3] "Magdalen" refers to mary magdalene, a follower of Jesus, who wept thinking that Jesus had forsaken her

not a 12th century medieval lit/biblical/shakespearean expert or anything so no judgey plz 
to all those who have read/read my poems, schmaltz 
please don't ask me why I write these kind of poems
but if you have other questions (lol) I now have an!!!!!!
I jumped onto the bandwagon. Not sure if I said this before but I like to answer questions I can answer during finals period - it builds self-efficacy, you should try it. 

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