Thursday, 21 January 2016

a perchance for the strange and weird


Just a mention of this word and the reactions are generally bipolar - either lean forward in excitement (fast deal plZ) or recoil in horror in hopes to salvage themselves from Carouhell.

I've quite big on this nifty little app. Despite my varied experiences, which can range from the absolute euphoria from the best bargains (hello, cheap BNWT alexander wang top) or incensed frustration (FAK U ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS AND THEN LOWBALL) , I realised that I have a perchance for the strange and weird.

I have a couple of strange experiences thus far and it seems that I have a following of (some) people who are eagerly waiting for me to tell them the latest installments.

I solemnly swear that whatever I have written is true and not exaggerated.

#001 In the Carou-Counsellor's Care

It started out as yet another frustrating transaction - I wanted to purchase a book urgently and we had agreed to meet at a set date and time but X was still at her house, far far away from our meet-up location at Orchard. She was quite defensive and coming up with justifications as to why she was not here. As I really needed the book, I asked if she could come by ASAP and I received a philosophical aphorism in reply:

I was rather resigned to the fact that I was probably not going to get my book in time. Until, suddenly, she texted that she was caught in the midst of a family drama and couldn't leave. Feeling that she was weighted with a burden of proof, she produced a recording of this quarrel???
As a diligent Psychology student who understands the importance of unconditional regard, I tried to reassure her that it was okay and that she should take care of family matters (because family > Carousell).

It was apparently a soothing enough message that she asked if she could meet me for drinks. I was actually with two friends, dict and racxiu, who were amused at this turn of events. Being also a morbidly curious Psychology student, I said 'sure, come for drinks at Orchard'.
Unfortunately, (or fortunately?), I never got to meet her for drinks because she said she had to stay at home lest her mom got angrier.

I did continue texting X a bit more - just to make sure she was okay - guess it was good practice to apply clinical principles I had learnt in school. She did apologize for being rude earlier so that was rather nice.

I met her the following day and she was slightly awkward at meeting me and gave me an additional book at the same price;I honestly didn't know what to do with this new book but accepted it nonetheless as it was an unexpectedly thoughtful gesture.

#002 A Study of Sunset Way

I would like to take this chance to make a Public Service Announcement to tell you that Sunset Way, in is no relation to a 'way' nor a path but a SUNSET LABYRINTH. It is also probably called Sunset as a warning to all those who travel down that road to do so before the sun sets as it can get rather dark.

Now imagine me, driving down Sunset Way where the streetlights are dim and my windows foggy; I could barely see a thing! I was actually on my way to collect a lovely, standing fan from J but the atmosphere certainly set the mood for a film noir-thriller film. I did entertain the possibility that I was going to be kidnapped/killed over a $25 standing fan. Not exactly the most promising way to go.
After half-an-hour of lost navigating, I finally used my dying phone's Google Maps to locate the exact location my car's GPS could not find. Upon arriving, I was perturbed by the strange arrangement of houses but set forth to J's house. I knocked a couple of times and pressed the doorbell but there was no answer nor was there light emitting from beneath the gaps underneath the door. My imagination, following and developing this film noir-thriller narrative, was not exactly kind as to what that might entail. Then, suddenly, a woman appeared from above.

When I said above, I meant above, on top of a flight of stairs. She introduced herself and asked me if I was the buyer, and in that single moment, I felt a wave of relief. She apologized for giving me the wrong unit number and told me to follow her upstairs. All along I thought that she was a guy and she throatily laughed when she found out.

"You must have been so scared," she said, "since I've directed you to an empty unit." I replied in the affirmative, "YES YOU DID." I really was. After all, fear is wisdom in the face of danger.

After my mind blew away the lingering clouds of fear, I realized that I was actually talking to one of Singapore's iconic personalities. For obvious reasons, I did not point out that I recognized her. She was very lovely in person and thereby sold me an equally lovely standing fan, of which I am happily utilizing in my hall room right now. But I must say, despite the terrible location, she does have a lovely house.

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