Saturday, 21 June 2014

could it be another change

Oops, so I have pulled a disappearing act once again. I'd traded makeup and dresses for dry-fit singlets and FBTs for a week.
I was only supposed to drop by but going back to Arts Camp really felt like coming home. Coming back to T1 truly was one of the best decisions I've made. As a House i/c, I couldn't really spend a lot of time with my OG but as a returning senior, I could hang out with my silly and awesome freshies and juniors as well as catch up with my own batch mates and ex-House i/cs. 

It's hard for people to understand why I make so many sacrifices for "just a camp" but you have to be in it to understand how truly important and magical it really is. Even as a crasher councillor, I had my special moments during this camp as well. I made the entire T- House cry (again) for war games after I talked to them and we rallied to win the last round. All those times when my juniors trusted me to help them when they couldn't. And those times when my OG was there to take care of me regardless of the situation. 

I know some people forget how it's like when they turn from a child to an independent adult. I know that things will get hard as you grow older and that pictures of good memories will become old photographs. But for right now, something beautiful has happened. Knowing that you're not alone - that will carry you through a long way in life. 

Back to sorting out my schedule! (What happened to a relaxing summer???)
Doing a Dressabelle fashion show tomorrow / yoga as much as possible / fashion intern work / 2am: experience work / living in the moment and participating actively / being alive
(cue 'Hereos' by David Bowie)

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