Sunday, 29 June 2014

make it work

The photos from the Bay Hotel Photo Challenge are out!!!
Basically we were taken into a room one by one and were briefed to change into one of the 3 outfits given, choose 1 out of 5 locations, and spend a maximum of 15 minutes to take 5 good shots. I was exhausted from the day's activities but it was really exciting and nerve-wrecking because I'm usually the one behind the camera. I didn't win (it was well-deserved by lovely kim and joring) but I had tons of fun ordering Darwis around to help me take crazy shots (whoops) I only could get these so I didn't get to see my crazier ones. Check out my pointed toes!!! Must be all that conditioning I did for my contemporary dance earlier on in the year. Kudos to my choreographers. But I did learn an important point and that it's really all about working the space. You know how photographers (me, gracia, shiya etc.) always complain about location location location but really, anywhere can be a good space to get good photographs. 

I also had the privilege to do a runway show for Dressabelle! Yet another fresh experience for me. I met Francesca, the blogshop model, and she is even prettier in real life than in the photos! I was a bit starstruck heehee. Kinda sucked that we didn't have enough time to work on our catwalk. Honestly felt that my walk could have been TONS better but I love being on stage anyhow. It was amazeballs fun! We had our makeup artist on standby as well as our own personal changer to quick change into 3 different outfits. 

So far the MSI experience had been supersonic hypnotic funky fresh but made a gazillion times more awesome because I really have such lovely girls by my side. Everyone is secretly an inner crazy chick heehee and such great fun to be with. One of my pageant besties is Kimmy!!!!!! Happy 20th gorgeous 
Can't imagine doing MSI without you esp. with our spontaneous selfies/ your left profile and my right profile is better/ nature wonders fruit and nuts (omnomnom!)/ chickpeas are gross etc. Throwback to our mini HTHT sesh with gelato at our first public appearance! You are such a beautiful person inside and out; truly glad to have found you! Here's to more giggles and laughs x  

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