Tuesday, 8 July 2014

best coast

"I was always an unusual girl. 
My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north,
no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness 
that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean."


I love how the sea is so majestic it can make you feel so small. The crashing of the waves and the tide that continually kisses the coast just calls out to the part of me that longs to be closer to nature.
This is a magical spot; it really is if you can overlook the litter and the fact that it's a restricted space (hahaha) I couldn't help but to plead Chang to come with me and we were there for that quick 10 minutes where she deftly took as many photos as she could before the number of bystanders watching us made us too conspicuous. 

I was completely soaked and Chang was walking on the sand in heels but there was so much adrenaline in us we made a quick getaway and found ourselves in a completely different part of Singapore. Can you guess where this is?

If you've guessed Haji Lane, you're correct! 
We had a nice cold Belgian lambic beer at Working Title around Arab Street to cool down and laugh over what just happened and then we were off again to meet up with Tino for some hearty frog leg congee for supper.
I think I'm all over Singapore nowadays but sometimes just wandering around aimlessly in a new area can be quite exciting. I thought I've seen it all but I haven't. Stow away your phones and open up your eyes! You may be surprised at what you find. I've certainly did these past few weeks and I can't wait to find some extra time to go back to those areas just to walk around. 

The reason why I'm travelling across the nation a lot is due to my internship work! The start-up doesn't have an office so we go around meeting people and the oddest of places. The previously unexplored East side has suddenly become new terrain guided by my boss, Kyla. She's the kind of person who's both gorgeous inside and out and she's such a lovely person to be around that I honestly don't mind the fact that I have to go across the country just to meet her for a while. I'm quite lazy so that says a lot haha. 

It's the end of the first month so my pay is coming in soon. Bought my parents dinner at Watami and it feels insanely awesome to provide them what they want instead of the other way around. 

On the MSI side, I am honoured to have won the title of "Miss Sporty" during our training session! To be honest I was quite surprised because my friends keep calling me a slug. I may look really tan but I've actually been bowling competitively for ten years. So when Coach Luke announced the winner I was just stunned and it was really heart-warming when the other contestants kept chanting my name as I went up to receive the title. This MSI bunch are such sweethearts :') I'm very thankful.

Also, I've FINALLY received my confirmation to go to Shanghai for exchange. It's really soon and I have yet to settle anything so fingers crossed that everything goes well xx

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