Saturday, 12 July 2014

girls only

Woke up at 8.30am for a long and exciting day! Went to Lion's Home for Elders with the rest of the MSI girls to sing and interact with the Ah Gongs & Ah Mas! I was really nervous because I don't interact with old folks much so I had no idea what to expect. It was fine in the end because they're quite fun to talk to. I was hiding in one corner with this really cute Ah Ma who kept laughing at me the entire time :-( She kept telling everyone that I was hen hao xiao (very funny) because I was babbling in bad Chinese and she danced better than me. 

After that, we had a costume fitting for our Opening Act for the Finale. I've been allocated the costume hailing from 1950s Singaporean Women so I'm eager to perform and get on stage with my beautiful dress!

Quick lunch with the MSI girls before Kim and I spontaneously decided to just walk about town!
Went to Three Blind Mice flea where we (me, being egged on by Kim) went crazy over super cheap bargains. I bought a Zara pussybow dress for SGD12. retro midi dress for SGD20, and a red peplum stop for SGD5! What a haul! Couldn't help but take a snap with Panda at the flea too :-) He's quite skinny for a Panda but he's the Food Panda mascot? Still fun to hug anyhoo. 

Proceeded to one of Kim's favourite place in the entire world: A&F store! I FINALLY got my hands on a super soft, ultra luxe denim jacket that Kim swears by. Thanks for the recommendation Kimmy heehee matching denim jackets ;) We also bought this reversible waterproof A&F backpack that was about 13 bucks when it used to be SGD70. Wow seriously, insane happiness from slashed prices. 

Mr Bean's Soy Milk Ice-Cream! Everyone's gotta try it. The MSI girls are all going crazy for it so I decided to just try it for myself just to see what the fuss is all about. I GET IT NOW HAHA. It's 98% fat free and ultra delish so there's no guilt in eating a cone!

Here's my two favourite pieces from my haul today! Can't wait to wear them out.
Had such a happy day today that I felt like I had to blog about it because it's a memory that I want to keep. We did silly stuff like catwalk down the lighted runway amidst this huge crowd at Orchard Gateway (we video-ed it too hurhur), fan-girl scream and laugh at how we met Kim's Dude by complete coincidence and she took a photo with him (and how she never wants to wash her hands ever), more giggles at texts and just ending the day off perfectly with the soy-milk ice-cream we love.

Love Kim so much because she's such a sunshine girl and I simply adore her for it! Good things happen when we're together. How such a simple day can unexpectedly turn into an amazing girls' day out together is only possible if you have the best company around! 

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