Saturday, 26 July 2014

style strut

After two years of talking about it, Shiya and I FINALLY did a collaboration together. We've been talking about it since we've met during my Uni Orientation and have been delaying it for the longest time but we managed to catch up once again and actually did a small shoot.

I was really comfortable working with her because she was very encouraging and this was someone who had seen me do even more embarrassing stuff HAHA so comparatively, this was extremely mild.
Do go like her on Shiya Chen Photography on Facebook because her photography is just gorgeous!

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots:

At first I was insanely happy and excited to be on such a high rooftop but then I got extremely sad because I found out I ripped a HUGE hole in my dress. Shiya couldn't stop laughing at it because it was just so obvious :(  

On a completely unrelated note, I realised that I use Instagram a lot to check back on the major stuff I did in the past week.#instaftw

Hung out with Gabe last Sat before I fell ill with gastric flu so I mainly stayed at home to recuperate by watching Suits and playing DOTA. I'm still not at my best condition but definitely well enough to go out now! Caught up with my favourite half-Japanese Nat because the last time I saw her it was during Finals. Really missed her comforting presence a lot because she's extremely mature, a good listener and has such a great heart. 

We went to Underground Mkt today and so many great finds!!!!!! There were fashionistas such as Savina Chai, Linda Hao, Pia Jacq, Sonia Chew etc. there so the loot was just faboo.
I bought :
  • Unknown brand Tiger Sweatshirt Top - 5 bucks
  • ASOS Sequinned Summer Dress - 10 bucks
  • Topshop Boutique Dusty Pink Tulle Maxi Skirt - 20 bucks
  • Miss Selfridge Turquoise Fully Beaded Romper - 20 bucks
  • Unknown brand Varsity Mesh Overlay - 10 bucks 
  • Vintage Beaded and Embellished Slip Dress - 10 bucks
  • Topshop Boutique Leather Shorts - 18 bucks
  • Diane Von Frustenberg Military Silk Shirt Dress - 17 bucks
I'm really broke kidding. I always get this surge of happiness when I buy something but after that there's this pang of guilt because I've a financial goal to meet for myself. 
Was reading Xue's blog and she talked about being afraid at what the future holds:

my ideas of this year were so different from the way things are working out now and I feel like everyone around me is okay. they’re going places, everything is new and fresh, exciting. and for me some mornings it hurts to get up and most nights I am glad to hit the sack because it means I get to sleep if I'm lucky. some nights I stay up because my mind will not shut up. I am tired of being scared. I want to be like the woman in Proverbs 31:25 which is coincidentally (or not) my phone wallpaper - "clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh without fear of the future", because she trusts God. and tonight I realised I am not that way. I cannot laugh without fear of the future because I still am clinging, refusing to let go of things I want and how I feel, tight-fisted, refusing to let God be God. refusing to actually believe that when I quote Romans 8:28 that it really is true. He is making all things work for my good. even if that good is not what I think it is. I want to live that abundant life that Jesus came to bring, not cowering in fear of what the next day will bring or make me feel.

I guess what she spoke about really resonated with me because I've been stuck at this crossroad in my life for so long. But there are some positive things that I've picked up while meeting with new people and I've learnt that:

a) If you're stuck in a valley, stuck in between two mountains and you are unsure of what you want, you can just go up one mountain first. Even if you are disgruntled by what you get at the top of that mountain, you can always come back down and go up the other mountain instead. Which is better than doing nothing at all.

b) A rigid perspective only limits you and if you break those barriers down, suddenly life is a lot easier. There is no one way of doing things. 

I made a promise to myself that I am going to cut back on my spending as of this week because every bit counts in saving up for my overseas education. I made the choice on going to law school in UK and I know some people are like whuuuuuuut? are you sure? but all I can say now is that nope, I'm not sure but at least I have a direction I'm going, Maybe I will change my mind, maybe I won't. But I'm not walking around in circles any more.

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