Tuesday, 17 February 2015

saint valentine

Photo by Charmaine Tay 

I love Valentine's Day and I have absolutely no qualms about celebrating 14th Feb even though I'm single. It's not mutually exclusive, and just because I don't have a boyfriend doesn't mean that my capacity to love and show affection has been diminished. People forget that love isn't just about eros/romance but it also encapsulates storge/affection, philia/friendship, agape/unconditional love.

I get quite peeved when people make passing comments that by virtue of the commercial value placed upon the ideal of 'a couple', singletons are doomed to a day of hiding at home and throwing darts at photos of happy couples and being a whole ball of angst. Obviously, a fallacy is at play here - just because someone is alone doesn't mean someone is lonely. It's not the same thing and there's an important distinction between the two. This then leads to yet another corresponding fallacy - being in love and being able to love is two separate notions.

It's an open secret that I love hard and I love deep. I do not take kindly to people who undermine my (or anyone else's) 14th Feb celebrations as a second-best attempt to reconcile the 'situation' of being alone with the 'pressures' of a holiday that is biased towards those in relationships.

Saint Valentine's is important to me in the sense that it is that one day in the year that I can freely show and express how thankful I am of those whom I love.
Despite my every busy schedule, I always have something planned over the weekend and this year is no different!

la première partie du weekend Saint Valentin: 14th Feb

Quick lunch with Char Tay at DOME because nothing beats a good lunch in summer like good company and a amazing glass of iced earl grey tea with lychee. Thank you bb for travelling all the way down to spend that short amount of lunchtime with me :-* Also, I finally realised that you prefer real flowers over my practical, everlasting drawn ones. Duly noted for next year!

Proceeded for my movie date with Mr. Grey!
The A3 girls were like wtf that I coordinated my outfit for the movie but hey - Marble Print Cami from Chloe Choo, White Zara Origami Skorts (yes they're the real deal), Lovisa silver necklace and Silver sequinned loafers from London Rebel, what's not to love?

As for the movie itself, I love the cinematography of the movie, bless you Seamus McGarvey. Sam Taylor-Johnson also did a great job in bringing the steamy sex scenes to vision in such a tasteful manner. It is my duty to provide a public announcement that the director "Sam" is actually a "Samantha" and it was only through her lens was the movie an artistic one rather than a crude one that everyone expected. In terms of acting, Dakota Johnson outshone Jamie Dornan right from the get-go. 10 minutes into the movie and I was relieved that she gave so much life to Ana Steele as a character (no inner goddesses included) I was also enchanted by that beautiful Audi R8 V10 Spyder that was such a beautiful and sensual vision on wheels.

After a riveting movie experience, italian dinner at Supply + Demand where us A3 girls talked non-stop over dinner even though we practically see (and live) with each other for at least 5 days a week. The food was okay, the ambience was better, and the conversations and company best.  

la deuxième du weekend Saint Valentin: 15th Feb

I woke up with a fever because 50 shades have gotten me too hot under the collar. Hah! I jest, but seriously, I was completely wiped out and woke up at 7pm, determined to get to a reunion dinner with AA2. 

Thank god that I managed to be well enough to enjoy spending time with this bunch of trolls. Seriously, 4 years have passed since we graduated but whenever we get together it certainly feels like we're 18 again and we're back in AC being the infamous class giving our teachers a headache. We most certainly don't talk like normal friends, the way we converse is by shooting each other snide/snarky remarks with a slight dash of wit. Of course, there're no ill intentions because that's the way we are - We're complete trolls but we know we've got each other's back. Unfortunately, I was the target for the night and my brain was too fried to even try to counter but whatever I was too busy eating the damn good food. We had Roasted Herbed Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Pan-Seared Scallops and Prawns, Chocolate Mousse etc. all lovingly prepared by the talented Janeen who just returned after taking a leave of absence to study at Le Cordon Bleu in London. 

Okay, I seriously miss the Valentine's Day weekend already. It was such an insane bout of back-to-back fun with people I love. Hehe, thinking about it makes me happy :-) fingers crossed I get better asap so that I'll be all set for CNY! x

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